171025 Taioanese English Press Release

72 years after the Formosa and Pescadores fallen day
– The press release of the skit Time: Wednesday, 10/25/2017, at 19:15

After the end of the WW2, Republic of CHINA got the request from Allied to temporary control Formosa and Pescadores until the peace treaty was set up which will determine the international status of Formosa and Pescadores, but Formosa and Pescadores didn’t follow the trend of self-determination like other independent nation after WW2 from colonial ruling, instead it had fallen into another anti-human colonial ruling by Republic of CHINA regime, its illegal ruling Formosa and Pescadores from the determination of the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

The people of Formosa and Pescadores are hardly to exercise the right of self-determination under Republic of CHINA anti-human colonial ruling, the worst is Republic of CHINA regime brings its CHINA civil war status, and the one CHINA principle to Formosa and Pescadores. Nowadays, it also leads Formosa and Pescadores become the only one place with all the objective condition to claim as a sovereignty state but still under the anti-human colonial ruling by Republic of CHINA regime.

The Republic of CHINA regime taught Formosa and Pescadores people that today is “Retrocession”, the liberation day for the end of the Japan colonial ruling, but we are all clearly understand it’s the day that Formosa and Pescadores had fallen into Republic of CHINA anti-human colonial ruling, the “liberation” is fake through the massacres were made by Republic of CHINA regime.

Tonight, we are going to play a skit with people who stand for Taioan(Taiwan) to found a new and independent sovereignty state, on an annual fallen day parade at 19:15, in front of 凱達格蘭大道. We choose, in this must-remember day to play the skit, to show the pleasure how we are taught to welcome “our mother state” and how people were slain afterward its corruption and anti-human thinking, made us to forget our mother tongue and history, then made Chinese to control the structural interest as much as they can finally slave us to become a “upright” CHINESE.

Through this realistic skit, we hope we can wake Taioan(Taiwan) people that there isn’t any liberation after 72 years of fallen, and we are still under the colonial ruling. Even though Republic of CHINA regime is ruling by Taioan(Taiwan) local growth party, but it didn’t change the international status truth that Republic of CHINA is not a sovereignty sate, meanwhile Taioan(Taiwan) people are stateless. Even if Republic of CHINA “give” Taioan(Taiwan) people the right to vote however this president will never be recognize, even the kidnapping case made by PRCHINA government will be seen as CHINA’s internal affairs.

We can’t continually accept this blunder which full of historical scar, there is no need for us to be stateless. If we are willing to determine our own future, the only one way is to found a new and independent sovereignty Taioan(Taiwan) state.

We will continually set up the event in the coming year of this day, we will not give up until Taioan(Taiwan) get rid off Republic of CHINA anti-human colonial ruling, until we will be proud of the state we found, the great Taioan(Taiwan) state.

Sponsor groups:
FETN(From Ethnos To Nation)
FTP(Free Taiwan Party)
ART(Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan)
Singing Revolution
Taiwan Independence Reformation Association
TIRA(Taiwan Independence Revolutionary Army)

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